How to Make Travelling by Taxi Easier and Cheaper

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Whether traveling at home in the Maidenhead or abroad in Europe, the last thing you want to worry about is if the taxi you are using is legal or if you have the cash to pay for the journey. This is where Filipe Cars, comes in. Together, we reassure travelers by making it easier to book, expense, and be reimbursed for taxi fares.

Global travel
The world is becoming smaller and business travel is increasingly commonplace. It is, therefore, becoming more important than ever to make the door-to-door journey as simple as possible for all travellers. Since, as a recent study by YouGov on behalf of Concur showed, 1 in 5 (18%) of business travellers admit that their biggest pain point while travelling on business is the stack of receipts and expense reports that need to be completed on their return, it is good to know that Filipe Cars, are working together to take away the pain.
The traveller’s perspective
The best way to provide a great service is to view travel from the traveller’s perspective. This is a view held firmly by both Concur and GroundScope. So we repeatedly ask ourselves these key questions:
How can we make sure our travellers feel safe, no matter which mode of transport they use?
How can we make the booking experience better for travellers?
How can we ensure expenses are not a laborious process?
And then we find partners who are as focused on answering these questions as we are.
Filipe Cars
Filipe Cars – the Maidenhead’s leading independent business that specialises in providing global managed ground transportation solutions for corporate clients – to provide complete visibility of the entire business trip as part of Maidenhead’s open booking strategy.
Filipe cars provides a fast and efficient method of booking with instant email confirmations, SMS notifications prior to pick-up, and online receipts within two working days of travel. And because the booking is all online, and the two systems are integrated, business travellers can rest assured that their taxi trip will be imported directly into their expense claim.
Giving travellers peace of mind
The Filipe cars allows business travellers to relax. Why? For four reasons:
the taxi drivers have been through stringent checks,
Filipe cars gives travellers fixed price quotes and lets them pay through a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant system so they don’t need to carry cash,
the traveller’s payment is imported straight into their expense claim, so they won’t have to worry about forgetting to claim it,
travellers can photograph and upload their receipt straight into their expense claim using their mobile phone, so losing receipts is no longer an issue either.
The business benefits
In addition to providing end-to-end visibility of travellers’ journeys and meeting duty of care requirements, businesses can also benefit from:
the ability to claim VAT on taxi receipts,
knowing they will have better-negotiated terms and conditions and rates,
a high level of service no matter what size their company is.

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